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Percepatan Vaksinasi, Polres Demak Siapkan 15.000 Dosis Vaksin

Vaksinasi Merdeka Candi saat ini merupakan vaksinasi terbanyak, yakni 15.000 dosis yang dibagi tiga hari.
Alif Nazzala R.
Alif Nazzala R. - 21 September 2021  |  12:59 WIB
Percepatan Vaksinasi, Polres Demak Siapkan 15.000 Dosis Vaksin
Vaksinasi merdeka candi di wisma halim, Kabupaten Demak. - Bisnis/Alif Nazzala. , DEMAK - The Demak Police is implementing the acceleration of vaccination for the community.

The Demak Police Chief, AKBP Budi Adhy Buono, immediately stepped in to arrange for residents who were queuing to receive the vaccine, which was held by the Demak Police, at Wisma Halim Demak, Tuesday (21/9/2021).

"I hope everyone wants to be regulated, keep your distance and wear masks. Set the right and left distance, don't crowd. I make sure everyone gets the vaccine," he said.

According to him, the high enthusiasm of the community in getting this vaccine, had made it difficult for officers to manage queues. For this reason, hundreds of officers were deployed in vaccination activities so that people would not be crowded.

He said that the Merdeka Candi vaccination is currently the most vaccination, which is 15,000 doses divided into three days.

"So we are targeting 5,000 doses per day, but we will see progress if it is possible to increase or maximize it," he said.

A total of 15,000 doses of vaccine were prepared by the Demak Police for the Merdeka Candi Vaccination attack, which will be held from Monday (20/9) to Wednesday (23/9). (k28)

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